30 Posts Challenge: #10 Me and Anxiety, part 3

Hey there, you. If you noticed that #10 WAS about me as the magic girl, you are right. However, I have put that on hold, just for now. I wanted to add an extra personal note onto the anxiety issue. There is a concern on my part that I did not emphasize how much of a role that Christ has played in helping me with my anxiety. I know there were verses to reassure you that He understands our frail nature, that even scripture reassures us all, as we will all face sudden fear and desolations, and very important passages revealing Jesus’ own suffering in agony were included. I just want to make sure to give Him all of His much deserved credit.
He has blessed me with counselors, medicines, therapies, music, writing, and so many resources of comfort, ease, understanding, and calming tools; but when it is 3 a.m., darkest of night, or you have no access to any of these things, it is only you… and God. These times come throughout all of our lives. For me those times were constant and inescapable for many years, but when I finally started to learn of God and truly know Him I started to embrace the darkness and the times alone. We are never closer to God than when we are broken… in the darkest side of our mind. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. – Psalm 34:18 KJV
God would show me how to use the very thing Satan was attacking… my mind. By following His wisdom of reading His word to hide it in my heart, and teaching me to do the same in hymns, prayers for others, and prayer that draws me to hear, God renewed my mind and my fear. Fear becomes a good thing. It keeps me near to Him, and when I am close to Him all fear is gone… or at least not in control (as sometimes what we fear, like maybe a storm, is still present). My biggest physical comfort He has give me is His word. On days when I can do nothing but fear, cry, or nothing at all, I just hug Him and lay in the pages of His arms.
Thanks for taking the time to read my added note. Maybe it was necessary, maybe not, but it was for me. God has given me so much, including gifts in friends, family, church, hymns, music, His word, doctors, medicines, counselors, and the writing that lets me breathe, but it is He and He alone who can help me when there is no one there, no way to play some music, or the Bible is at home on my bed. He is faithful to help me recall verses, hymns, prayer requests, and just to talk with Him. He lovingly waits for me… just sits with me… nothing else needed. Praise His Holy name!

3 thoughts on “30 Posts Challenge: #10 Me and Anxiety, part 3

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  2. My thoughts exactly

    I started having issues with anxiety when I was a teenager. Keeping a Prayer journal has always been a MUST for my sanity. But I never knew the true meaning to the word anxiety until I became a mother. The fear of something happening to my baby boy can be very overwhelming. Thankfully the older he gets (he is 11), the better i get.

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