Just to Keep Things Going

Well it has been several days, so I am dropping by to blog a note of hello. It’s so unexpected, but one of the rare chances I get right now. There is not a particular thought, though I have many that need addressing. Lord willing, I will get to them in God’s good timing. For now, this is just to keep things going. Even this note feels a little lacking, but sometimes the best way to keep a thought (of blogging) going, means even when there isn’t much to say. So Hi! Hope you are having a blessed day! God loves you!

Meeting Cousin Kimberly

Praise the Lord for delightful surprises! He allowed me and Bobby to finally meet my Cousin Kimberly. I had no idea it would be to encourage her while hiking from the border of Tennessee and North Carolina to the North Carolina Coast, but God’s ways are mysterious… and adventurous. Besides I am pretty sure Cousin Kimberly had no idea that she would ever embark on such a journey.
When I first read her post about going on a hike from the mountains to the coast, I literally felt the Lord telling to pay attention, to keep up, so I could better pray, and to pray as often as the Lord allows. She fairly warned there would be some language, so I knew to be careful what I share as posts with other prayer warriors from church, or at least give a heads up. As long as there wasn’t use of the Lord’s name in vain, I would read the posts. She was just being honest. After all, I was there once. But then God happened!
This day was such a blessing also because we had been worried about her being out there alone while they were looking for someone who had tired a 64 yr old female hiker to a tree. The closer she came our way, the closer she was getting to that area. When she would pass us, she would be right there in it. I praise the Lord for her blogs and spot checks. Sometimes I fear I may have worried her too much, but she assures me it such a blessing to her. So I will take her at her word. I praise God for getting her through that area. She has gotten so far! The Lord is giving her great strength.
I am sharing the picture Kimberly took of me and Bobby with her. Please read her blog post before this one. I re-blogged it. She has much better details. Be sure to follow her blog on her site, and pray for her as often as God leads you!
“God loves you, Cousin Kimberly and so do we!”