Sunshine Blogger Award 12.8.17

Dear Gracious and Heavenly Father, look what You continue to do… for me… this blog (Your blog)… and for others through it! You are continuing to shine such a light of love through Lene (aka Lene in Japan) and her 2 blogs…
Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus and Song of Virginity.

You delightfully surprised me in her Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus blog
where she had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!
No rules. No questions. Just sharing and encouraging! That is so Lene! ❤
And this will allow me to shine your light towards others! ❤sunshine-blogger-awardYou have used Lene so greatly in my life and this blog when she invited me to guest write on Song of Virginity. I love how she refers to it as celebrating purity for You! After praying about it, you allowed me to write my testimony Love of my Life – I am His Song. You amazed me with such overwhelming feedback and loving comments. Something so personal, so raw, and every word true… actually brought glory to Your Holy name!
Bless her, Lord! I pray for her daughter and hubby as well!


Thank you, Lene! More than anything for helping me to have the courage to write a testimony of what God has done for me! Your own testimony inspires me! ❤

So with joy I share with my nominees:

Discovering Your Happiness
Sunflower Holistic Health
Scribbled to Paper
His Perfect Timing
Beholding Him Ministries
My Thoughts Exactly
Moonlight Psychology
Betcha Didn’t Know
Giggles & Tales
Blue Heron Cove
Empowering Women
Oaken Reed
Inner Man Theatre
The Godly Chic Diaries
Walking With the Way
Quiet Girl, Noisy World
The Ascender’s Touch

Congratulations, Nominees! God loves you each one! ❤

17 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award 12.8.17

  1. Oh Gail… Reading this literally brought tears to my eyes. I’m undeserving of your thankfulness as I’m only a broken vessel wrestling with faith itself and even at times with Jesus too. I’m not worthy of the praise, but I’m grateful the Lord laid it on my heart to pour my experiences out and into the blogosphere in the raw and honest way I write. My prayer for the two blogs has always been to allow the words to reach those He wants it to reach and help those who needs to hear the words. Through Song of Virginity, I met an amazing woman – you! Your testimony is like the fragrance of faith itself; Moving slowly through the air touching lives and hearts as God’s love enters a persons breath. I pray that your blog will grow and prosper according to His plan.
    With love and a Merry Christmas.

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  2. Lene, you are such a dear and precious Sister in Christ! ❤ None of us are worthy of what He gives, but that is what makes Him and His love like no other. Your faith pours through your pages. It may wrestle you, but your determination to fight back in true spirit is what faith is all about. Satan tries to take that away from us with doubt and frustration, but the Holy Spirit whispers in our heart to remind us we love Jesus because He first loved us… and still does… and always will! ❤ Love wins every time. The love that is poured out all over your blogs!
    Merry Christmas to you as well!

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    1. I praise the Lord for your kind words, Paleeza! When His whispers glorify His name… crowns to lay at His feet! ❤ Thank you!
      Just the look and wording of the award made me think of you and your lively blog! I enjoy following it!


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