About The Awards

This post is a note of thanks and, Lord willing, helpful as I have learned how important they are to many. It may even be helpful to those who try to avoid them.

First things first… Thank you, God, for delightfully surprising me with such an outpouring of love. It’s all about you, so I consider it all crowns to lay at your feet!
May you bless each one that has brought praise to the whispers that you gave!

Secondly, praise God for all of you who allowed God to use you to shower me with His blessings! I have the privilege of knowing such lovely friends.

About the awards… There are people waiting for their first award! I read comments from others who have been waiting… for years??? I was surprised as I saw them all over. One person had a page for his awards AND the count of each because he had over 100. I know that makes you think they’re easy to get, and that they’re “a tag game” as I’ve seen them referred to. But if you think on the number of WordPress bloggers and that someone has to be nominated, you see they are genuine in the community. It’s an honor when a fellow blogger takes time and thought to nominate someone. And that’s the thing.

There are blogs that don’t do awards, that is they don’t display badges, follow posting rules, and nominate other blogs. That is okay! Many are very professional, or very personal, or have something too unique to “play the tag game”. I get it. But something that I found helpful in wanting to nominate a blog was some bloggers had pages (or messages on home page) showing awards, or that they weren’t interested. I’m trying to do the same, so if someone sees I have already won an award (like the Mystery Award from Lovely A 🙂 ), they can select another blogger. I have widgets (down on the right hand side of my blog) and categories hoping they help. I’m still learning. 🙂

I know many of you are busy, and the Awards can be stressful IF and only IF you allow them to be. No one has to accept them, but if you do, just do them at your own pace. I say this so those of you who think they don’t matter realize they do. Think of what your LIKEs and FOLLOWS mean to you, then imagine how someone feels to be nominated by another blogger saying I RECOGNIZE your blog. It might be just a community Award, but you have the privilege to share that community love with anywhere from 7-15 other bloggers in one award (depends on the Award).

Again, this is just to encourage those who are given the privilege to nominate others to consider the ones waiting. If you don’t wish to display a badge on your site, just do a post on so you can nominate. If you do not wish to be nominated, you may consider a note for your blog (and my memory, ty for being so merciful). I know I’m humbled that what starts as a private whisper from God’s ear to mine, or from my heart to His ear, would any way bless someone else. Praise God for using me at all!

❤ ❤ GOD LOVES YOU!! ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “About The Awards

  1. This is such wonderful advice, Gail. I personally think that these awards are fabulous and are great to encourage and also get to know people better.
    You have just reminded me…… I have some to be getting on with haha! Love & blessings, Hayley 😊💕

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    1. Praise the Lord for your encouraging feedback. I was worried it might be taken wrong somehow. I agree that they are such blessings! And they do create and keep a community connection! ❤ God is so interesting at how He keeps us loving one another. 😉 Praying for you!

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