Uncertain Waves


Alone…. You and me… by the sea.
The waves rock me and my already unsteady world.
I know You created this ocean,
And I know You created me.
Yet there is so much I just don’t know.
There are many things about my life
That You knew before I was born
That I would never know or understand.
You’re God… Creator of the Universe.
Giver of life.. including mine.
You owe me nothing.
Despite what the world feels entitled to,
And insists I charge You with.
How generous You are
To allow us to think, feel, and exist.
To have this conversation with You
Is a gift of Your kindness.
Here in this sandy bed
The salty water carries my salty tears
Back to the One who created us both.
Uncertain of life’s current weather,
This alone I surely know.
You are Caretaker of all You create.
None other could…

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14 thoughts on “Uncertain Waves

        1. Oh, dearest Maxine! I was sad to hear of your cancer diagnosis. Praise the Lord they caught it early. I am praying for you, as well as have my ladies Lifegroup praying with us. Please let me know how you are doing along the way when you are feeling well enough to. Take care of you!
          Me and God love you, Maxine! You mean so much to us! ✝️🌹

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          1. Thanks Gail. It is wonderful to be remembered. Cancer has you walking through it ALONE because no one can go to treatments or do surgery for you. YOUR grace filled words mean so much to me and touched my heart today! Blessings dear one!

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