3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Well here we are, Lord, on Day 2 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge You allowed our dearest Lovely A of Discovering Your Happiness to encourage me with by nominating me, allowing me the opportunity to nominate and encourage others.  May You be glorified in every day! Every post! Every nomination! You are worthy!

Thank you again, Lovely A,
for allowing the Lord to use you! ❤

The Rules Are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  4. Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1: “God Loves You!”
(click here to read Day 1)

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2:
(You are reading Day 2)

“Jesus died for you!
What more do you want Him to do?
– Die Again?”

So often others are told of Your love for them to give Your ONLY begotten Son for us… to allow Him to suffer persecution, pain, agony, fear, betrayal, and to bear the weight of every burden of every sin in the world on His shoulders… all to save us from eternal death! And STILL! It’s not enough! That famous word that seems to be everyone’s favorite excuse…. BUT!
But…. He doesn’t understand.
But… He’s never suffered like I have.
But… He’s never been sick.
But… He’s God’s Son.
But… He’s perfect, I’m not.
But… He doesn’t have family and friends to worry about.
But… He knows He’s going to heaven.
But… He’s never been afraid.
But… He’s never lost anyone to death.
But… He’s never had to face the public.
But… He’s never had parents.
But… He’s never had siblings.
But… He never had to go to school.
But… He’s never had to go to church (under someone else’s authority.)
But… He’s never had to worry about the law.
But… He’s never had to obey.
But… He’s got angels looking out for Him.

These may sound so made up or completely ridiculous, but I have heard them all and more. When people don’t know who Jesus is, or don’t know Him personally, or go on only what they have heard or learned, they will believe anything, or NOT believe anything. I use to believe some of these myself. But until we read Your Holy Word for ourselves, we just do not know who You are Lord, or what Your Son suffered.

We just don’t know of the agony and fear that gripped Him so tightly 3 different times in the garden. We don’t realize that while He was God in the flesh… that He WAS… IN THE FLESH… meaning He willing took on the pain and agony that the human body experiences… the weak and tempted mind that Satan tried to manipulate in the desert… the lonely and homesick spirit that longed for home and the heavenly Host that worshiped everything Holy about His Father… the obedient child who submitted to His earthly parents to set a Godly example… the Jewish boy, youth, and man who was subjected to the same Pharisees and Sadducees that He knew would be His accusers… the friend who watched His dear friends grieve over the loss of His dear friend Lazarus whom yes He did resurrect… but He was also the cousin who lost His own dear Cousin John the Baptist to a senseless murder… a decapitation… by a corrupt government… and whom was NOT resurrected.

The sad truth is that if we do not want to believe, we won’t. If we don’t care, we won’t. And if someone else giving their life for us is not enough, it simply isn’t. That is our human flesh. But there are just as many that don’t know until they read or have been told. And to think that sending Jesus to die again would make the better impact is impractical because as You told the rich man who was in hell begging You to let Lazarus go back and warn his family… if they will not believe the MESSAGE, then it will not matter WHO delivers it. The Holy Spirit has to help someone believe. It is our responsibility to make sure we at least pass on what we do know… to let them know that You do love them… and that Jesus did give His life for them… that You are waiting so lovingly for them to welcome You into their life… and pray for them. ❤

❤ May You find us faithful! ❤

My Nominees for Day 2:
Invisibly Me
God’s Anointed Princesses
Walking With The Way

Thank You, Jesus, for dying for me! ❤
For dying for all of my friends and family!  ❤
And for being so lovingly patient with us! ❤

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