Awards & Tags

This is a page for Awards  and Tags that the Lord has blessed me with. It is also to let anyone trying to narrow down their nominations see what the Lord has given. The Lord has been so generous, loving, and never ceases to amaze and delightfully surprise me… literally! That’s just His abundant way! All crowns to lay at His feet! And what an added privilege to pass on the blessings to others! God is so good!
He shares such sweet and invaluable whispers with me, and leads their way into the souls of others around the world! I am humbled in His moving. They are His to do as He designs. May He always be glorified first and most in each nomination (received and given), and may each one be blessed, including visitors who just happen to read. May you always know how much your heavenly Father Loves You! ❤ Because He sure does!

In the multitude of my thoughts within me
thy comforts delight my soul.
– Psalm 94:19 KJV

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