Before and After Tag 2.7.2020

How interesting You are, Lord. The Before and After Tag. You intrigue me with invitation by Efua of Grace Over Pain, who so kindly requested to take part in The Before And After Tag A.K.A. the Then And Now Tag

Thank you, Efua, for your kind invitation!
May God continue to bless you and your blog!
Me and God love you, sister! ❤

The Before And After Tag A.K.A. the Then And Now Tag was created by

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1. Who was family for you growing up?
My mom and dad, 2 brothers, sister, a foster brother, and maternal grandparents.

2. Who is family for you now?
son, 1 brother, sister, brother in law, stepdad, adopted sister, and church family

3. Where did you grow up?
the mountains of WNC (Western North Carolina)

4. Where do you live now?
the same

5. What did you want to be when you were older?
originally a cancer doctor, then a CEO of my own greeting card company that did more than birthdays and holidays (but then I heard about a company called Hallmark that beat me to it), then to work for the FCC to clean up the airwaves on radio and TV, but a writer all along

6. What do you do now?
live, write poetry, serve God, encourage others

7. What’s your earliest memory?
When I was 3 yrs old a man held a gun to my mother’s head and threatened to kill her if she did not leave with him. She refused, saying she would not leave her kids. He then told she could bring the kids but that she was leaving. She refused. Next thing I know he’s across the street at the neighbor’s with police surrounding him. He killed the neighbor and then threatened the police that they would never take him alive, but eventually they did. They put him in prison for several years.

8. What’s one of your most recent memories?
In the last couple of weeks one of my aunt’s died. She was my dad’s sister. She and my dad are both gone now. It brought back a memory of when my dad got a call that she was in the ICU of the hospital because she had been severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend. They were telling my dad the password to see her because they were afraid she would not make it and that the guy who beat her so violently continued to beat her and kick her in the head with officers still there trying to pull him off of her. If her roommate (who he also started beating on) had not run for help, the ex would have killed them both. He vowed to the officers that he would finish the job.
When we went to see my aunt, all the bones in her face were shattered. With her face completely swollen so tight that she was pale, along with blood and tears coming out of her eyes, my aunt tried to smile, and with a calm and loving voice apologized to me for not having her hair fixed. She had always been a woman who took care of herself, and was very hospitable, loved cooking for others, and loved sharing her southern hospitality. They told my dad they would be transporting her and that for several weeks she would not be allowed visitors while they did several surgeries.

Eventually my aunt would call my dad with new passwords. Then she and her roommate moved closer to our area to be out of that area. (She had been 3 hours away, now she was 45 minutes away.) She eventually got to where she lived a normal life again, despite how it changed her facial features. She wasn’t the confident and outgoing lady she was before, but she knew she was loved regardless of her looks. I was grateful the Lord allowed me to witness beautiful things from a beautiful lady… inside and out… before and after!

9. What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?
Giving my live to God. ❤ And Him giving His Son Jesus and my son Anthoni to me! ❤

10. What is your biggest hope in this life?
The love and promises of God! ❤

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36 thoughts on “Before and After Tag 2.7.2020

  1. OH MY GOODNESS GAIL……..what a horrible early memory. I cannot imagine how this tragedy has become part of your life as you had to grow up with such trama in your body. I am so very sorry.
    I LOVE North Carolina………..I had no idea you lived there.

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    1. God was good to be there in it all, even if I did not know it, To be honest it just seems like another childhood memory. But you are right about my body and my minds. Every day was filled with violence, fighting, and death. Fear was my constant companion. But you know, Wendi, one of the greatest songs to comfort us is Amazing Grace and it is written around fear. Of course He doesn’t want us to live in terror, but He does say the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. As He help me to learn His wisdom, His word, and His love it has been my experiences with fear that allow me to see the difference of good, pure, and Holy Love. Love like I have never known! He is greater than all my fears and anxiety!
      And yes I live in NC.. the mountains 🙂
      Me and God love you, Wendi!

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      1. what a beautiful testimony to what God has done for you during your life…………bringing you out of such horrid situations and creating such an amazingly compassionate and loving person. Please know that I am reaching through this computer and hugging that small child that lived in constant fear……….God bless you.

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  2. Yay!! Glad you participated. Reading your answers, your earliest and latest memories got to me. At 3yrs, that incidence must have been very scary and traumatising. Good to know he was locked up. Gosh, scary stuff. But thank God for protecting you all from that

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    1. PTL! God was very much protecting me! It was horrifying but it was more like a chaotic confusion for me. Like trying to figure which of the grown ups am I suppose to obey to keep them from being mad at me, and to keep us all safe. It’s funny those early memories come to mind during so much of current life. I thank God for allowing me to see Him all over the place!
      Thank you for the invitation! Me and God love you! ❤

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    1. PTL! I thank Him as well. I agree. I think we all have trauma of some design. Praise God for every bit of each one of us, and being God enough to take care of that moment, the take away, and us!
      Hope you enjoy yours! I look forward to reading what you will share!
      Keeping you in prayer! Me and God love you, Temi! ❤


  3. Wow. Your earliest memory truly had its odds but glad you got by it eventually. And your Aunt, I am really glad she made it through. Pretty sad how our world today is becoming a brutal and fearsome place to be in.

    Congrats on the award ma’am. 🤗

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  4. Oh my gosh Gail! That is such a frightening early memory ☹️

    That man who beat your aunt 😠…stories like that hurt me so 😭 I can’t understand men who do that.

    Praise God she didn’t let that experience crush her soul!

    Thank you for the tag. I will start working on it soon.

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    1. Those were things I didn’t understand either when I was younger. Sadly I even thought they were normal. But God was faithful to look out for me and my family, and was generous to allow me to gain His understanding, and His peace that passes all understanding! ❤
      My Aunt aunt and my mom are both with the God of peace! ❤
      Hope you enjoy the tag! Take all the time you need! Me and God love you, Brother! 🙂


  5. “Who is family for you now?” – don’t forget your blogging family! We’re not going anywhere 😉

    I’m so sorry about your aunt, both recently losing her and for what she went through before. My goodness.. I’m glad she had angels to look out for her, you and your dad and family were able to support her and get her to that place where she could live life again. Sounds like you’re both incredibly tough cookies with the battle scars you carry.  ♥

    Damn, sounds like you were just a little too late on the greeting card business idea, you could have made a small fortune if it weren’t for Hallmark! What would you have named your company?

    Thank you for the nomination, Gail, that’s very kind of you! Sending love, xxxx

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    1. Praise the Lord for my WordPress family! I realized afterwards I should have included them! I am so grateful for each one! Including and especially my sister Caz! 🙂
      Praise His name for all He did for my aunt and our family. We were all scared for because they warned us to be careful in visiting her because her ex would try to find her through her family. God kept a hedge about us all.
      I planned to name it Sweets because that was my nickname given to me by my younger brother. I was known for eating all of the green M & M’s out of the bag. 🙂
      Hope you enjoy the tag! Looking forward to reading your answers. Me and God love you, Caz!! ❤

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