Day 41 of 47 for Lent Plan

God, I have been enjoying the bible reading plan You have been walking me through. I’m sorry to be so late getting them on, but with Your help we’ll get them on little by little.
No rush. Just convalescing with You, and following Your lead in sharing with others.
YouVersion (a bible app You have blessed me with)
is doing a plan called 40 Days of Lent.

Day 41 of 47 for Lent Plan – “Holy Week: Jesus Clears the Temple”
Reading: Matthew 21:12-17, Mark 11:12-19, Luke 19:45-48 KJV

Further Study

  • What made Jesus angry when He entered the Temple?
    – He saw people selling stuff in the Temple.
  • What did Jesus do when His anger subsided?
    – He healed people.
  • Why were the religious leaders indignant?
    – Because the people were calling Jesus the Son of David, praising Him as their King


  • Worship: Write down one attribute of God and worship Him for who He is.
    – Sacred. Thank You, Jesus, for caring about the sacred things of God, and for leaving us an example of how to treasure the right things!
  • Prayer: Pray for your church leaders and your neighbors.
    – Yea, Lord. Amen.
  • Remembrance: Think about how Jesus must have felt when He arrived at the Temple. Do you ever have righteous anger? Write about it.
    I believe I’ve had small glimpses of that feeling when I have seen people using the church to sell things, even from the pulpit. It seems so wrong. I let someone convince me once that I was not doing the same thing in helping them sell banquet tickets. I felt so horrible afterwards. You have taught me righteous anger. It is not something to use God, to guilt someone else into using God. It is wrong to seal from people and call it a living. Our faith, our reverence, and certainly the house of God should be exactly what You called it, Jesus… a house of prayer
  • Self- Examination: Do you find yourself getting angry often? How do you keep from letting anger overwhelm you?
    Yes, I do lately. The stress of this Corona Virus, and people not complying, and companies forcing people to work that want to be home and safe for their families, is making me so mad. This isn’t one of those moments where someone rebelling or being careless is something they will bring on themselves, so just do the best you can in taking care of you. ALL these consequences are affecting THOUSANDS, MILLIONS around the world. It’s like one of those movies where the one who takes it lightly causes everyone to get killed.
    All I know is to give it to You, God.Whether I’m venting to You or doing the best I can just to focus on my own behavior, You know. I have to keep  trusting You with my situation and my anger.

A Kind Act

  • Ask someone how they are really doing and listen without offering advice.