Happy New Year 2018! :)

Happy New Year 2018 to everyone! 🙂 Praying your year ahead is all God hopes for you! For many of you that will be endless blessings and new adventures on the horizon. For some of you it will be a year of smiles and heartaches. And for some it will be a day to day, moment by moment, hardship. You are wondering now how you will make it another minute, therefore dreading, maybe even hating this new year head. You may be so depleted and could care less for another day, or if you draw another breath.

From what God has allowed me to be aware of, I will have my share of up and downs, but He reminds me that no matter what comes my way He will be with me. No matter what may be ahead for you, God will be with you. Whether you want Him or not, believe in Him or not, or are thoroughly in love with Him… God loves you and cares about everything that you care about and are going through. I pray that you will at least know you have Him… every second of the day, and every day of the year ahead. And because He is the God who can do anything, we ALL have hope in Him.

Don’t give up your hope!
Even if it only comes in moments!
Choose hope!
Choose Him! ❤