Thank You For Preferring You In Me

While typing my poetry from the past to my poetry blog gaillovesgodspoetry,
I can get SO depressed, disgusted, and struggle not to throw some OUT!
Yes they are part of my testimony (especially as a writer),
but that is the ONLY reason I keep some.
When I realize how I thought on love, life, God,
other gods that I didn’t even know were gods,
and who my heroes were…UGH!!!
What was wrong with me!?
I must take this moment to post this THANK YOU and PRAISE TO GOD
for changing my life, my thinking and my writing!!
And to think… THAT?!?!? was the writing that has been most published!
The world preferred THAT?

PS… God, the post above was written from a FB Memory of years ago before I had this blog. In editing it so that I could continue to praise You for loving You in Me, You remind me of the WP Community that You have blessed me with. In joy or sorrow, health or illness, or whatever I talk to You about on this blog, You constantly amaze me with the abundant comments that see You in me, and my love for You! Thank You for a sweet fellowship of support that is filled with souls who also prefer You in me!
Praise Your Holy and Loving name! ❤

Thank you to each one of You who have sent loving, kind, supportive messages that reflected on the love God showers me with, and the love I cannot help but have for Him! And thanks for having blogs and posts that are filled with the same love for me to be able to read! It makes me so happy for HIM! He deserves all His love and praise! ❤ 
Me and God love you! ❤

22 thoughts on “Thank You For Preferring You In Me

  1. Looking back there are things in everyones’ lives that they don’t like, are embarrassed about or ashamed of etc. I think that taking the time to see the ‘then’ and ‘now’ can be so humbling sometimes, when you can take away the goodness.. to see how far you’ve come, what’s changed in your life, the way you live your life and the type of person you’ve grown to become. We love you, Gail!!  ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. PTL! Thank you, Herry!
      I am so grateful for who He is and how He is!
      Thank you also for the well wishes.
      I am feeling better and even got a couple of god night’s sleep.
      Prayers made the difference!
      Me and God love you!


  2. Oh Gail!

    Just know that here in this community you are dearly loved……..drink in those comments because GOD has a way of reaching and speaking to us through other believers! Have you ever noticed that really when you need it the most, someone, somewhere will say something to you that just washes over you? And it seems to be when you least expect it! I trust our GOD to always send you those words, or prayers, or people when you need them the most. But remember that HE abides right with you, every day of your sweet life! And know that HE loves you and so do I!!

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    1. PTL! I do notice the rich blessing God pours our way through a loving and uplifting community! ❤ I am so grateful for each one, including you my dear friend! 🙂
      Thank you for allowing God to use you to encourage my soul in so many ways, on so many different days! ❤ Me and God treasure you, Maxine!

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