Their Agony Is Over!

I know how it feels
to wish I were home with my dad in heaven,
and how it feels to long for my son to be home.
Jesus is home with His Dad,
and God has His Son home!
I am so happy for both of Them.
And because of Their love and generosity,
we will ALL be home together some day!
What a day that will be!

16 thoughts on “Their Agony Is Over!

    1. PTL! More than I can say, but He has been spending Easter with the Lamb of God and His Father for 14 years now! God used my dad to help me better understand His love for me and the true love of a parent, and then used my son to teach me more of His love for His Son.
      Me and God love you, Wendi! May you have a blessed Easter!

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