Joy and Job: Reminders

God, You are so exciting and fun when it comes to some things!! Like this reminder that was posted from Keitha on the Job Ladies Bible Study she has coming up in a couple of weeks. I loved the how Job 8:21 was put at the top!39390511_10216703855658307_2215118228881932288_n

I definitely need some joy! Sometimes I am just sitting with Job. As I read this flyer, I see where it reads, Join Us If You Want To… these 5 things. I want… need all of them!
1. Learn to trust in God’s character: I want to learn more of anything to do with You, trusting every part of You! As wonderful as You are, I am confident there will only be more fabulous all along the way! 🙂
2. Repair past or current emotional wounds: Aren’t we all working on some kind of wound one way or another? Whether we want to deal with it, deny it, or convince ourselves we’re too strong to worry about a wound, we are all carrying something.
3. Realize God welcomes your difficult questions: Boy do I need this one. The reassurance in someone struggles with that too lets me know I am not alone in this. Difficult questions about God, our doubts, and relating Him to our lives, our past, our humanness can leave us feeling challenged.
4. Let go of complacent Christianity: At this moment this makes me think of the old song He Will Set Your Fields On Fire, which is in relation to Absalom and the foxes tails that were set on fire to run through the fields. Help me, Lord, to always be ready to listen, to be aware, to prepare, and to do whatever You ask of me. Help me to be ready for my bridegroom… to have all the oil I need.
5. Pursue joy in the midst of pain: Instead of chasing dreams, rainbows, fantasies, escapes, or false hopes, I look forward to pursuing YOUR joy in the midst of any pain. As long as it brings me closer to You, or brings me more understanding of what You want from me and for others, I want it.

So when I saw this added picture, I find joy already… in just knowing there is hope in upcoming days. Whether I am blessed to make it to all 7 nights, just one, or if You only allow me to see the reminders, I find joy in hope! Thank You!!af13d9bd-caf7-4a3a-8154-d6460de42120

There is one other exciting exception to the flyer. The smiling face leading this Bible Study is Keitha! She is such a delight. A lively personality! And so in love with You! Keitha smiling

I love watching her talk about You, the smile You put on her face, and the words and thoughts that You share with her, and have her share with us! I eagerly look forward to anything You  have for us… Keitha and each lady! This picture below is just one way I see Keitha: Even on stage in front of a group of ladies… You are talking, she is listening, filled with Your joy, and we will ALL be recipients of the blessings You pour out through her!keitha1

Thank You, Lord, for Keitha…. and for hope!
Thank You for the joy in these reminders!
Please let Keitha hear me saying,
“Me and God love you, Keitha!
Me and God are praying for you and each lady!”

I love You too, Lord!
More than I could ever properly put into words!
❤ Thank You for loving me! ❤





4 thoughts on “Joy and Job: Reminders

    1. I’m looking forward to see what God has in store! It seems very hopeful. And any study with Keitha is an absolute joy! Thank you, Matthew. Praying all is well with you, the family, and your ministry, as well as wishing God’s unending joy for you! God loves you!

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