Gifts 2017 #22 Neighbors

Christmas Countdown: Neighbors are a gift! My stepdad has the most loving, thoughtful, and protective neighbors. They’re always looking out for him, noticing any new vehicle or person, coming to make they are welcome, bringing him foods and make sure he knows he’s welcome in their garden whenever he wants something, and so much more. Yesterday one was sent by his wife to drop off a goodie box! A large goodie box! 🙂 And we’ve already emptied it, and are using it for large stockings my sister has for everyone.


That large box had 4 little red stockings that read Jesus, Sweetest name I know!


Oh how that melts my heart! ❤ There was a large food bag filled with a party mix, several different food storage containers of homemade sweets and treats, a nice fresh banana bread, and a very large ham! And at the very middle of the box was a Christmas card to Bobby and family, along with a special article. They had thought of all 4 of us in the house. The article was on being ready to tell about Jesus any time, any where, day or night… and then be ready to do it again… as often as possible. Praise God for neighbors!

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