Letter of Apology

Lord, I hear your whisper… an apology is in order. In visiting the WordPress Reader to keep up with posts of others and encourage, I saw Lovely Anita’s post Beat the Speed Humps on her blog Discovering Your Happiness. You gave great wisdom dealing with the humps that steal our momentum. You say Be Kind to Your Body, it is the temple of the Lord.

You brought to mind a Professor who years ago gave an assignment to write a letter of apology to a part of our body. It was to be 100 sentences long. She read her own letter to her feet for abusing them, neglecting them, and simply disregarding them when they made it possible to go everywhere, and do everything.

In hearing your whisper through Lovely Anita, I prayerfully asked you what was I to apologize to? And then you reveal who THIS apology is for.

I’m sorry to you, my stomach, for the years I starved you, for “getting rid of food” before it could hit you. For allowing others to persuade me to “try this”… speed, alcohol, over the counter medicines, prescription drugs, and things unspeakable. It’s no wonder you torture me now. I tortured you first. YOU are still the one paying for it.

Life on an empty stomach is filled with pain.

Sometimes I feel like this weight is a result or a punishment for all of those years. And I don’t know how to fix it. But there is a huge difference. God has made me stronger and wiser. He will help me to nurture you the best that I know how. He WANTS me to be healthy, and to take care of His vessel, for my body is His temple.

Fellow bloggers… if you wrote an apology… what part would you apologize to?

5 thoughts on “Letter of Apology

  1. Gail, you share your heart so openly and honestly. With transparency you tell your story in order for God to always get the glory.
    I would apologise to my legs. I always felt like they were out of proportion to the rest of my body as they’re on the bigger side. I hated them for years but then God has helped me to love them and reminded me that they enable me to travel, walk, run & have fun. Only God can help us to see it from His perspective.
    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. Hayley 😊💕

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  2. What a lovely post Gail ❤

    I would apologise by saying:
    'I am sorry that I constantly threw yucky food (fuel) in side the body, I know the body won't work to the best of its ability on not the right foods'
    'I am sorry for always stressing my body & brain out with my anxiety, I am working on learning how to be more calm'

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    1. PTL! Thank you for letting God use you to whisper the idea to put into a blog post! As I realized I should pick something to be a good example, I really struggled to narrow it to one.
      Funny how I spoke on depriving my stomach and you referred to “yucking it up”. The stomach plays such a vital role to the immune system and over all roll to our health.

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