Self Care Challenge Day 17: De-Cluttering

Oh my goodness. The Lord knows I need this one and is using this challenge yet again to “get’r done”, Lord willing. Me and all of my belongings live in one little corner of the house, and are made to feel guilty for being that much of a space.

You wouldn’t know it from just this clutter that I’m obsessed with being clean and in order, mostly for my sanity. I prefer to see EVERY spot in the room, to know it is free of whatever I cannot see. What started this I do not know, I could guess a couple of things.

My friends and family often made fun of me, saying I must have OCD. I don’t believe it’s that bad, but don’t appreciate the jokes as I have friends who do. I grew up with our house always so filthy, with bugs, sometimes fighting rats in the house.

In foster care, we cleaned every day…. our room and household chores, regardless of age. No activities allowed until all cleaning done. Even on Saturday, which had the heavier chores. There were strict rules, and strict punishment.

When I was 13, one of my teacher’s paid me to clean her house and was strict. Her thing was… If you are going to do something, do it right, and do it right the first time.

I worked for top notch hotels on their VIP, Conference, and Entertainment floors.

When I had my 1st home of my own, I was amazed at how clean it stayed. ALL 4 of us kids kept our homes spotless.

My son liked things so clean when he was a baby, at the least bit sticky he would drop his ice-cream and wail while holding out his hands to be cleaned. Everyone would tease, “Yep. He’s just like his momma.”

There is something freeing about my life being clean and clutter free that makes even my mind so much healthier. De-cluttering is like getting rid of all of the negativity in my life. It’s like knowing the difference between what is important to keep and what needs to be thrown out. De-cluttering equals sanity. God is generous when He allows clean.

11 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge Day 17: De-Cluttering

  1. Hayley (aka Red Letter) I accidentally “trashed” your comment according to WordPress. It flashed the UNDO so briefly I barely saw it to know what happened. I’m still looking around to figure out how to save it. TY for your encouragement! Praise God for you!
    PS… Did I ever tell you how beautiful your song is? Whether I did or not… it is!


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