Self Care Challenge Day 8: Water

Praise the Lord! As I awaken today from a much needed sleep after skipping a day of it (unintentionally) and not feeling well at all, I get up feeling a little better, do my devotional (alone time with God and His word), eat a little breakfast, and then check to see what is the challenge for day 8 of the self care challenge. Water! Exactly what I need! Not only for my body but to also meet one of my 2 goals for my dietician coach.  The other being make sure I get breakfast. We realistically shot for 5 days out of the week on breakfast. But the water… a much needed goal.

My doctors have been after me to drink more water for years because I struggle with issues all over my body that always ends up being, “You’re not getting enough water.” Any time I have a procedure or something where I can’t drink after midnight, I end up with a small grade fever within that short 6 hours. But as soon as they give me fluids, it comes back down. The last year or so, I have developed a lot of issues about being dry… my eyes, my skin, my throat, my esophagus, and even with getting simple blood draws. So I have been trying these tricks that seem to help me:
1. Make sure to use water to take any meds with. I take meds all day long so this has made the hugest improvement for me.
2. Try to make sure it’s good and cold, whether straight from the fridge or iced. It helps.
3. The more consistent I drink water from the first 2 the more I prefer it, cold or warm. At least it doesn’t go stale or flat so easy, and is easier to carry every where.
4. When having to eat out, I choose a large iced water. It’s cheaper anyway.
5. Challenges to do with friends… like my coach and the Lovely A 😉
My biggest challenge is to drink at all. No matter what I drink I seem to drink 3 or 4 ounces every few hours. I will keep trying to improve with this challenge.

8 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge Day 8: Water

  1. Awe, bless you ❤ Thank you for the little shout out.
    I thank you for sharing my name 🙂
    You got this! I have faith in you.
    Keep your water bottle on you at all times, trick your brain into drinking something before you move onto something else, if you're watching tv make sure to drink in the commercial breaks etc.
    I am loving reading this journey you are taking with the Self Care Challenge.

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