30 Posts Challenge: #17 “Crucify, Him! Crucify Him!”

Where am I going with this post my friends? Somewhere I never thought I would, and yet God led me there. As hard as it was for me, it must have been so much harder for Him… having me replay it before His face… again… and certainly hardest when it happened the first time… before His very eyes.

I was in Bible College with a lot of young people while taking care of a very young person at home… my son. The Lord started pressing me to be more involved on campus. As I started spending more time with the young people, they lost two classmates to a car accident. The Lord was telling me to help in whatever way I could, though I had no idea how. We gathered for a candlelight service to remember the deceased classmates. A friend asked me if I would help on a project she needed to get done but was having a hard time getting any takers. When I met her in the chapel to watch everything being put together and to tell me my part, my heart sank.

My role was to throw rocks at, spit on, and scream, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” What?? I was to do what?? To who?? To our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?? While He hung on the cross??? bleeding??? suffering??? and asking His Father to forgive me??? because I did not know what I was doing??? Yes. That is exactly what she was asking of me. Of course I went to God about this, yet He would remind me of His nudging to be involved, to say yes for whatever came up.

As we prepared the set, wardrobe, lines, lighting… it became more realistic. All the while I was asking God, “How will I ever do such a thing? How can I be so cruel? I know someone has to play the bad guy to tell the story of how the good guys won. I know you led me here. But how… how can I ever spit on Jesus… in His face… cheering when He dies… and worst of all cheering, Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

“Now you know how I felt… or at least have an idea. Yet you have been a part of yelling Crucify Him every time you sin against Me. Every rock thrown at Him, every spittle, all those mocking faces were all part of the sins that put Him there… including yours. Whether they be past sins, current sins, or future sins. No matter how innocent or unintended even one has been. My Son was there for everyone… including you. It was not a pretty and heroic scene, as you would like to think. Not for Him. Not for anyone who was there on His side. And certainly not for Me. It was graphic, gruesome, but very needed.

When you see that cross coming up with My Son on it, I want you to see death trying to take My Son from Me… trying to take My Son away from the world… and trying to take My children away from Me. They were who Jesus came for. They were who He loved enough to go. They were who I loved enough to let Him leave. They were who I loved enough to allow Him to be put through this day, to remove what separated us once and for all. They were lost with no hope. They were dead… until.  When you must cheer “Crucify Him”, that is why…. you MUST… because He MUST die… to conquer Death! This was never your battle or anyone else’s. This was between Me and Death. When you see His head drop, remember who won!

Victory was Mine… and still is… and always will be! Jesus is fine, and with Me! No one will ever hurt Him again…. not even Death! So when you have to keep cheering after His head is down, see the victory! See Jesus on the winning side. The sooner My Son has passed, the sooner the Victory arrives… and He comes alive again! Forever!

I was forever changed by that very brief chapel skit, but far more because God had me look at it from a different point of view…. His… and yet… just a glimpse.

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