30 Posts Challenge: #13 Friday the 13th (A Blessed Day)

I’m a Friday the 13th baby, I had my son on Friday the 13th, and my dad’s birthday was on the 13th. That has freaked so many people out or either entertained them, but to me it was just a number and just a day until I had my son. Now it is such a blessed day to me. People use to try to scare me because of the movie, but it never worked because I had never seen it. I don’t watch scary movies. The Lord tells us what we put in is what we will think on. The doctor who was delivering my son was so excited that he wanted to make sure it happened on the 13th. I told him no. I wasn’t scared but I wanted God to decide.
Our family has had so many birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations on Friday the 13th. My mom comes from the Freck family on my grandmother’s side. The Asheville-Citizen Times used to do large articles on our family to keep up with growing chart. My grandmother kept every article she could, and use to show them to us to cheer us up if she thought we were superstitious about the date. Anthoni has grown up with Friday the 13th being such a fun day for him, that I, too, get excited a little bit when I see one on the calendar.
So we are not superstitious, concerned, and will encourage you to remember that EVERY day is a day that the Lord hath made, and God doesn’t make any junk days! He is in control of every day, every life, and stands against the evils for us. My mom used to love to say was that Jesus and the disciples made 13. A friend pointed out to me that Jacob might have had 12 sons (tribes) but that his daughter Dinah made 13 children. Lastly, Solomon built his house in 13 years. Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, even on Friday the 13th!

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