30  Posts Challenge: #12 Dying to Self

Hey, Guys. Yes it’s me, but anyone who knows me knows that I prefer to keep it about God first as much as possible. The posts are aspects about me, but anyone who doesn’t know me needs to know that I want God in every part of my life. Having said that, we start the next post with a new title… Dying to Self.

Dying to self is a Christian principle that refers to putting God before ourselves, even if it means giving up our dreams, loved ones, or even our very lives. It doesn’t mean that these things are required, nor necessarily will happen. Quite often in giving our lives over to God, He gives us the desires of our hearts, and showers us with blessings for us, through us, and for His own pleasure.

However there are times that God calls us to be set apart. We are to be set apart from the “normal” things, things that may not be sinful, but could still be a hindrance, or sadly steal our first love. For example, it is quite alright for me to date, but I have remained single for 14 years because God has finally gotten through to me on how important I am to Him. If I date someone just to date, or marry must to marry, I give up the intimate relationship I have with Christ, or at least dilute it greatly. Marriage is good, but not heeding the voice of God, nor waiting for the whisper of the Holy Spirit, is the first step in creating a divide, between me and God, and me and my husband before a marriage even begins.

God has a plan for me, even if it means He wants to keep me all to Himself. That Is just fine with me. It is a sacrifice I am blessed to make. I have the best relationship I have ever been in! It grows stronger and lovelier as each day goes by. Trusting Him is a path of faith, a daily challenge of patience, and a journey… that I am willing to stay on. That is what any relationship is made of. I am set aside for Him. I have chosen to die to self for the one who died for me. It is the best decision I have ever made.

But I know Whom I have believèd,
And am persuaded that He is able
To keep that which I’ve committed
Unto Him against that day.
(I Know Whom I Have Believed, lyrics by Daniel W. Whittle)

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