30 Posts Challenge: #7 Me and My Fireworks

Here I am again, excited to share another post that shows you even more ways I have fallen in love with my Lord, and how I know my Lord loves me and personally thinks on me! This 4th of July the Lord blessed me with an evening of fireworks. I simply cannot tell you when or where I last saw fireworks. I just know it was years.
I know 4 or 5 years I spent with Mom and Bobby at the house. Fireworks in their neighborhood are abundant, large, and shot off  from many yards. I’m glad mom had these to watch sitting on her front porch, as she got sicker. My own health was very poor also. After she passed, the combination of being depressed over my health restrictions and the loss of so much family took any desire for fireworks.
This year as I have been talking with a friend about CHOOSING to take God up on what He provides. I’ve been paying attention to what physical therapy, blocks, and other treatments have made possible, while listening to God AND following Him. Many times in going to doctor’s appointments and therapies, Bobby and I stopped at Bojangle’s built on Long Shoals Rd in the last few years. We often remarked our awe in how open the landscape is for viewing fireworks shot off every Independence Day over Lake Julian, without the worry of going in and out over the dam. We thought about being near a bathroom (a crucial factor), a place to eat and drink, and if too hot a place to keep cool.
As this 4th approached, it seemed highly unlikely. I had to take a family friend to have surgery that morning. I had been up all night. The family planned using a new grill purchased to replace the one Charlie bought mom but had ruined, to have dogs and burgers as a family dinner, and call that our 4th. We even had guests over celebrating with us.
We were having our hot dogs, when Anthoni mentioned going. I was surprised he would be able because of his job hours. Other family member got excited. We discussed what it would take to go, calling Bojangle’s to ensure hours, room, and no problem to sit there. They were open through the fireworks, had plenty of room (even though it was 4pm already), and if we bought a drink they would have no problem. They were so friendly too. All of sudden, I kept feeling like God had a reservation for me. Our family was willing, our guests were excited about it, and even the friend who had surgery was up for going.
Then here came all of the expected, but understandable road blocks. 3 of the 5 family members changed their mind. Our friend really needed to go home and lay down. It was very possible when the other 2 family members had to take him home that they may not make it in time to get into the parking lot. But as things happened, instead of giving into negativity, or giving up what I wanted to just because someone else did not, I kept hearing God telling me He had a reservation for me. Motivated by this whispering, I thought on my friend who had been encouraging me to CHOOSE to do what God was providing.
So I went. Even with the possibility of watching them alone, among a large crowd, possible thunderstorms, maybe even strong ones, and despite all the fear and doubts that were trying to talk me out of it. If anything, I would be having one of those moments with God that He had perfectly designed just for me. When I arrived, there was one good spot left that allowed me to park at such an angle that I could easily watch the fireworks go off over the lake right from the car. There was one spot beside me, but every car that came looking at it saw I would be in front of them, and did not take it. This left the space for my brother and brother-in-law. We each got our drinks. We had 5 hours to wait. During that time so many cars came, parking in all kinds of crazy and illegal ways… upon curbs, half on the curb, half way in the middle of the road, in the middle of the road, all over private property. We even had one lady ask if we were going to be leaving. We told her no and just looked at each other and laughed. Turned out she was asking so they could park behind us, and put their lawn chairs out.
My brother and I were looking over settings and features on our smartphones and my tablet, when we heard BOOMS that let us know it was show time. I happened to have my tablet handy, and started recording. I was amazed at how clear it was, and how it kept going without buffering. I actually kept watching through the camera. It captured the show, minus the start. It took a few days to figure out how to upload because it is 18 minutes long. But God did not fail to make it clear that He had reserved a front row seat for me. The car was angled in such a way that when my brother and brother-in-law were in the car, we could each see perfectly, without a head in the way, nor having to move for the other. It was such a joy. God allowed us not to have any health problems, bathroom issues, guilt, depressions, or anything else but the joy of watching His gift for us. I am so glad God whispered in my ear this His reservation, and my friend’s whisper to CHOOSE to trust God with any gift He offered. The gift of being alive cannot be summed up in words, but the gift of CHOOSING to live with joy is far more indescribable. I am grateful God allowed me, my brother, and my brother-in-law to be alive, and living with joy at the lake so that we did not miss our fireworks!

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